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What is Simpley Business ?

Simpley delivers store products to your customers instantly.

This service puts courier services at the palm of your hands.

 Our goal is to provide a private delivery service to retail stores.

We deliver when your customers need it!

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Own a Business? Join Simpley and provide a superior customer experience!

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Our Service


Where We Deliver

Flat Rate per Delivery Order (Unlimited)

Today Simpley is Able To Deliver​

Anywhere in Manhattan

and Parts of Brooklyn.

Delivery Time


We Immediately Pick Up Your

Orders and Deliver it in Approximately 1 Hour or Less.

We Hire and Vet All Our

Nobles (Couriers) To Ensure

The Orders Get Delivered Accordingly.

How It Works

Download The App

Register Your Store

Add Staff Member As Users

Choose Location

Place The
Order For Delivery

Simpley Picks Up The Item(s), Snaps a Picture to Confirm the Item(s) are Correct and then We Deliver The Order To The Designated Address.

It's That Simple!
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